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Dear Colleague:

On behalf of the New Hampshire Private Special Education Association (NHPSEA) formerly referred to as The Private Providers, we are pleased to provide you with the most current edition of our membership directory. We hope you will find this resource helpful. It is provided free of charge to New Hampshire’s special education directors, state agencies, and other agencies serving students and families.

We formed our association in 1981 to facilitate excellence in programming, enhance effective communication, and foster a partnership between private special education providers and referring schools and agencies. NHPSEA is an association comprised of a diverse group of private schools and programs serving students with a broad range of abilities. The individual and collective expertise of the member schools is comprehensive and represents a continuum of highly specialized services and intensive interventions. We are proud to offer all of these services to the students of New Hampshire.

“Tips on Finding an Appropriate Private Special Education Facility or Program for your Child” is provided by NAPSEC, the National Association of Private Schools for Exceptional Children.

This directory was developed with resources provided by NHPSEA members. We hope this directory is of use to you, and that you share it with others. Additional copies can be obtained by contacting me at andra.hall@crotchedmountain.org.



Andra Hall

President NHPSEA

Article II of NHPSEA By-Laws

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to assist private providers in the delivery of appropriate services that are program and cost effective, visible and responsive to the needs of children with disabilities and their families.

In fulfilling this purpose, the Association promotes and supports:

  1. Excellence in program.
  2. Fiscal and program accountability.
  3. Effective communication with appropriate local, state and federal agencies and legislators.
  4. Share serviced to MEMBER agencies.
  5. A genuine partnership with public agency providers.

Posted July 20, 2012 by nhpsea