Longview School


55 Reservation Rd.  PO Box 360  Deerfield NH 0307

Tel:   603-463-7854

Contact  Thomas Jennings, Director at tjennings@rsec.org

Longview School serves 29 male and female students, ages 13-21 years.  The day program has a 180 day school year, and a summer program of 19 days.  Longview serves students with emotional and behavioral educational disabilities (ED), specific learning disabilities (SLD), and other health impairments such as ADD/ ADHD (OHI) who are not successful in their current placement.

All students referred are required to take part in an interview process that includes a full day visit at the school.  Physician approval that the student can participate in a physically demanding program is also required.  If accepted, students are enrolled for a 30-day diagnostic period and if appropriate, enrolled for the remainder of the school year.

The programs and services include the New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks that incorporates adventure, arts, and self-discovery.  An emphasis on creating, producing, and presenting projects drives  the curriculum.

Longview is approved by the NH Department of Education and is diploma granting.  There is an extended school year option.  Students are accepted throughout the year.

The Longview School opened in September 2000.  The philosophy is based on the belief that by reinvesting students into the educational process and by rekindling their curiosity, they become long learners.  The long term goal is that each student will not only explore the educational opportunities available to them, but take part in a myriad of activities that will demand each individual to appraise and explore their own values and ultimately become productive members of our community.

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