Mount Prospect Academy

PO Box 58,  Plymouth NH 03264

Tel:  603-536-1102

Contact Richard Phelps, Executive Director at
Contact Karen Langley, Director of Academics at

Mount Prospect Academy currently serves 85 males, ages 12-21 years.  There is a 220 day academic program and a 365 day residential program.  Students served are educationally identified as emotionally handicapped, learning disabled, other health impaired, and autism.  We also serve students with psychiatric and judicial issues.

The Admission procedure starts with an informational packet that contains court papers (if involved), academic levels, psychological testing, child’s history, IEP, and educational testing.  Then there is an interview of the child.  The admissions team meets to discuss the appropriateness of the student for the program.  Admission forms are available on our web page.

Program and services include comprehensive education program, individual, and group therapy, behavioral modification program, family counseling, educational consulting services, diagnostic and specialized tutoring.  Also offered are exploration and resource classes to assist students who have the need to build up basic skills.  In addition, extended year placement, separate from basic tuition, a vocation program and outdoor education is offered.

As a program, our purpose is to provide a safe, supportive, structured, predictable environment for the children placed in our care.  Our mission is to help all our children build self-confidence and develop self-esteem.  Our goal is to prevent relapse into inappropriate and destructive behavior by affirming strengths and confronting negative behaviors and attitudes.

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