Nashua Children’s Home Educational Program

125 Amherst St.  Nashua NH 03064

Tel:  603-883-3851

Contact Joanne Dion, Educational Director at

Nashua Children’s Home Educational Program serves 30 male and female student, ages 6-15 years.  There is a 180 day program and summer break services for individual / family counseling.  Children served include those with emotional disabilities, ADHD, MR, and specific learning disabilities.

For admissions, students must be referred by their sending district in New Hampshire.  School districts may call and /or send a referral packet to the Educational Director.  Information should include academic and psychological testing, current IEP, anecdotal records, and any other pertinent information.

Each classroom is supervised by a certified special education teacher and an aide.  There are certified consultant / teachers for music, art, physical education, and LD support.   Master-level family counselors provide individual and family counseling / support.

The program is designed for students who cannot be appropriately educated in less intensive programs within the public schools.  These students need services, which include individual and family counseling and structured social and recreational activities during the school day.

The Nashua Children’s Home Educational Program has been in operation since 1979.  We are committed to care, welfare and educational achievement of children and youth and recognize the singular role of families in this regard.  It is the intent and mission of this organization to provide supports to families, which will allow children and youth to grow up in families enriching to their lives.  In all services and supports provided, the family unit is the primary concern, and we interact with families as partners and strive to empower family members through a respectful, strength-oriented approach.

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