NFI North – North Country Shelter

PO Box 160,  Jefferson NH 03583

Tel:  603-586-7161

Contact Tara MacKillop, Director at

North Country Shelter serves 15 male and female students, age 11-17 years.  The residential and educational program runs 365 days a year.  Students are CHNIS / Delinquent / or Abuse and Neglect Court-ordered into placement by NH court system.

Programs and services are based on inclusive education, both regular and special education, counseling, community service, and trauma informed treatment.  North Country Shelter works with the school districts to help provide outside services needed to comply with IEP’s or other educational needs.  Students do their sending school work or work provided by NCS.  ON line learning via Plato or VLACS is available.

The mission is “Respect and Responsibility for self and others.”  The program utilizes the Normative Approach, a philosophy that encourages student to build a positive, pro-social community.  This helps them develop skills to better manage their behaviors.  A strength based approach is utilized with youth and families.

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