Pine Haven Boys Center

133 River Rd.  Allenstown NH 03275

PO Box 162,  Suncook NH 03275

Tel:  603-485-7141

Contact the Clinical Director at

Pine Haven serves 20 boys, ages 6-15 year in grades 1-8.  The facility operates both a residential and day program, 365 days a year.  Pine Haven serves emotionally challenged boys, with histories of abuse and / or neglect, exhibiting sexually reactive, fire setting, delinquent, runaway and aggressive behaviors with special needs including but not limited to: SED, LD, DD, ID (borderline), Autism (Aspergers), OHI, S/L and school phobia.

The admissions process starts with telephone contact and referral information.  There is an interview with the student, family and sending /referring agency.  There is also emergency admissions.

Program and services include on-site approved special education program, individual, family and group counseling, psychiatric services, treatment modalities for latency aged boys, include play, expressive, art and narrative therapies, evaluation and treatment services for fire setters, including fire safety, group and education.  Home based services are also offered.  Boys live in a cottage style residence where they have individual bedrooms.

“There is no such thing as a bad boy”.  “Children need and are entitled to their families”.  Pine Haven feels that as a boy has acquired destructive and unhealthy patterns of behavior, given the opportunity, he can learn more productive and adequate skills.  Pine Haven also sees children as components of the family systems and believes those families can change and successfully reunite.  Pine Have strives to serve children in their relationship with their families.

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